Nina discovers that the newbie Jeniffer Jones is not who she thinks she is, it's her sister! So just when Nina thinks that everythings back to normal with Dina, she discovers the Goth household is'nt as it used to be. Bella is having some major nightmares, this causes Nina to find out that Mortimer is keeping something under wraps with Dina. Meanwhile, Cassandra is having money problems. Leading her to steal from her mother.

Screen Shot 2012-08-11 at 23.15.44

Season: 2 Episode: 6

Overall Episode Number: 17 First Aired: August 11, 2012

Featuring: Nina Caliente, Bella Goth, Cassandra Dreamer, Darren Dreamer, Dirk Dreamer, Mortimer Goth.

Guest Starring: Jon, Jeniffer Jones, Dina Caliente.

Director: Jordan Spittle

Assistant Director: Jack Spittle

Writers: Jordan Spittle, Jack Spittle

Music: Last Name by Carrie Underwood, Wild One by I Am Harlequin, Moon Is Sharp by Grouper, Nothing More by Expensive Looks, Bipolar by Charlene Soraria, Yayo by Lana Del Rey, Manifest Destiny by Zola Jesus, Heart Heart by Withered Hand.

Previous Episode: On The Run Next Episode: Broke


  • This is the first episode since part 3 of Episode 9 that Dina has been featured.


Pleasant View Season 2 Episode 6 Morning After00:59

Pleasant View Season 2 Episode 6 Morning After

Episode 6 (Season 2) Preview

Pleasant View Season 2 Episode 6 Trailer00:39

Pleasant View Season 2 Episode 6 Trailer

Episode 6 (Season 2) Promo

Pleasant View Season 2 Episode 609:56

Pleasant View Season 2 Episode 6

Episode 6 (Season 2)

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