Peter White is a character of the Sims 2 Youtube series Pleasant View. He is a resident of the fictional town, he has a girlfriend Brandi Broke. He has two step sons Dustin and Beau Broke. He was about to have a son or daughter until the baby died before it was born. He is a phsycyatrist.

Peter lives with his girlfriend, Brandi and his two step sons, Dustin and Beau.


Peter was Brandi's phsycyatrist, they started going out and Brandi found out she was pregnant. Peter was extremely supportive and even moved in, in "Episode 6".

In season 2 Brandi revealed she had a miscrarage, Peter's whereabouts are unrevealed.


  • Unborn Baby - Son/Daughter


  • Brandi Broke - Girlfiend

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